Beyond the Trends

Preparing for the spring? The 2024 season has begun.

Consumers continued to spend through the holidays and into the new year as their confidence improved toward the market’s future.

The markets are hovering around and bubbling above record levels, with the DOW above 38k and the S&P nearing 5k.

More than 35% of small businesses opened in the past year, meaning they are itching to refinance high rate debt to create liquidity to grow in late 2024/2025
Chart: Consumer and Commercial Confidence improving
Source: National Federation of Independent Business, University of Michigan

Beyond the Trends is a quarterly report written by Experian Business Information Services. The report offers a unique view of the small business economy based on what we see in the data. With up to date information on over 25 million active businesses and how they perform from a credit standpoint. Experian will share insights and commentary on how economic conditions, public policy, and other factors might shape future small business performance.

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