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Evaluate Cyber Risk more effectively to mitigate risk and make better decisions.

The modern pace of business required ground-breaking innovations. Experian created a model for predicting cyber risk by combining vast amounts of cyber data with financials and business data. Our data and approach provide a path for predicting and discriminating the relative risk of a business incurring a cyber-related event in the future.

Finally, an accurate modern approach to cyber risk underwriting

For consumers and businesses alike, the threat of cyber-attacks has become a constant risk to their financial health and the negative impact is growing exponentially. Today’s cyber risk solutions focus on measuring computer networks, infrastructure security, application security, data governance and employee technology policies. Cyber underwriters have shared with us that all these solutions fall short as they ignore the most critical element – the human element.

Why Experian

Experian has framed the cyber risk problem differently and created a better solution by holistically bringing together the data and data science in an innovative way. We use machine learning to bring together data elements, build linkages, and construct a model that will more effectively predict cyber risk based on the behavior of employees and the identities of employees.

This innovative deep dive into connecting the darkest part of cyber activities at the individual level, combined with Experian’s business analytics, is providing new ways to optimize cyber underwriting.

Leading-Edge Solution

Experian’s data scientists have deep expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence and neural networks, as well as in advanced and traditional statistical techniques.

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