Business Owner Profile Can Help You Decide Whom You Can Trust and Whom You Can’t

The first tool of its kind in the commercial credit industry, Experian’s Business Owner Profile combines Experian's expertise in consumer and business credit reporting to give you the most accurate, current and comprehensive business and proprietor credit information available. 

Understand the Complete Financial Portfolio

It’s fairly common for proprietors to leverage their personal net worth to meet business obligations. If a proprietor takes out a loan against the equity in his or her home, that loan will not appear on a standard business credit report, but it will appear on Business Owner Profile. 

Expand Your Small Business Customer Base

Experian’s Business Owner Link can automatically connect the credit history of more than 5 million business owners to the credit history of their business, making it easier for you to access a Business Owner Profile on small business accounts. 

Determine Overall Creditworthiness

Experian® allows you to better determine the overall creditworthiness of your current and potential customers. Accessing both reports may lead you to alter your decision or adjust terms before granting credit. 

Avoid High-Risk Customers

By using Business Owner Profile, you can avoid the high risk associated with small businesses while identifying good credit risks and uncovering new account opportunities.


Identifying Information

Names and addresses for the proprietor, the business and any other employment. 

Summary Data

A quick overview of key elements of the proprietor’s credit risk profile, including year of birth and real-estate information. 

Individual Risk Profile

Prediction, based on the National Risk Model of the proprietor entering a seriously derogatory status within two years. 

General Risk Guidelines

The classification of all proprietors into one of three risk ranges, as well as major characteristics to determine the probability percentage of a proprietor becoming derogatory within two years. 

Credit Payment Profile

Current payments; loan obligations and delinquent accounts; and a positive, negative or neutral account status.

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