eCare NEXT

Powerful workflow coordination

Automate manual patient access processes, including orders, registration, and financial clearance, using a single, integrated platform, eCare NEXT®

Experian Health’s patented eCare NEXT features Touchless Workflow™, which is designed to create a more efficient, accurate, and productive user and patient experience. This innovative, exception-based technology automates up to 80 percent of your pre-registration workflow by identifying and presenting only those patients who need follow up by your staff in order to be cleared prior to arrival.

eCare NEXT minimizes the hands-on work that bogs down your operations and automates repetitive tasks across your healthcare organization that affect your revenue cycle. By providing advanced data insights with minimal need for manual intervention, we enable you to provide the payment and care certainty that makes a real difference to the patients you serve. 

Key features and benefits

Automate 80 percent of your workflow

eCare NEXT is accessible in real-time, by triggered interaction or as a work queue system, to manage and distribute work. You are able to eliminate unnecessary human intervention for most of your pre-registration workflow.

Increase staff accountability

Keep staff focused only on items that need attention. You will be able to increase staff accountability, ensure compliance, and reduce your training needs all while turning your raw data into actionable information.

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