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Chances are you’re being asked to do more with less. Your goals are to maximize revenue cycle staff performance, improve operational efficiencies and financial outcomes, serve your community, and do it as proficiently as possible.

That is where workflow automation software can help. It will transform your organization’s business operations by replacing manual and paper-based processes with digital workflows, automated document generation, and real-time analytics to help you pinpoint inefficiencies.

Rules based, data driven automated workflow management allows for automated task routing based on the needed next step and will route accounts to the next available knowledge worker that is the right individual to address the appropriate next step for resolution.

Workflow analysis is the first step towards improving your business processes by lowering staff costs, enhancing clean claims rates, cutting denial rates, improving patient collections, and reducing bad debt.


eCare NEXT®

Automate manual patient access processes, including orders, registration, and financial clearance, using a single, integrated platform, eCare NEXT. 


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