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Empower patients to self-schedule appointments online

Patient Schedule is powered by MyHealthDirect. Hear how the Milwaukee Healthcare Partnership used MyHealthDirect to integrate patient scheduling across clinics with a convenient online scheduling tool.

With all the online tools now available to consumers, it only makes sense for healthcare organizations to empower patients to schedule appointments online, too. Not only is it easy and convenient for them, it also saves your staff time.

With today’s focus on value-based care, more than ever, providers must ensure patients follow through with orders for care. Typically, over one-third of patients receive an order, but 20% never schedule a visit, putting their health— and your organization’s reimbursement levels—at risk. Patient Schedule is an online, data-driven scheduling platform that lets patients schedule appointments online— and so much more. Patient Schedule improves patient access by fostering the integration and communication to make sure both patients and providers have a better care experience

Convenient, 24/7 patient online appointment scheduling for easier access to care.  Patient Schedule is an online scheduling solution that provides a simple, convenient way for patients to schedule appointments online. The solution can also enable care managers and referral coordinators to book care for patients without making phone calls. Real-time integration with your PMS/EMR makes it easy and efficient.

Key features and benefits

Make the patient scheduling experience positive

Experian Health’s online patient self-scheduling tool, Patient Schedule, empowers patients to book and reschedule appointments. The solution also enables you to send automated reminders reducing no shows that endanger patients’ health and are costly to your organization. You can also send outreach emails that enable patients to book appointments at the click of a button even when your offices are closed.

Make it easy for providers too

Patient Schedule simplifies access across the healthcare system by automatically providing an appropriate appointment match through a customizable business rules engine. The solution consolidates activities onto a single platform allowing patients to book appointments in real time, and call center agents to schedule directly into providers’ systems—for more effective care management and discharge planning, improving outcomes.

View, analyze, improve

Patient Schedule lets you view capacity, outcome and practice performance trends to determine what’s working—and what isn’t—so you can proactively make the process adjustments that change behavior. Automating appointment follow through impacts the health of your patients, the productivity of your team and the financial performance of your organization.

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