Clinical Data Clearinghouse

A more intelligent approach to data exchange

Interoperability is still hard, frustrating, and, unfortunately, often lacking. Despite good intentions, government mandates and subsidies, and countless industry standards, the electronic exchange of patient data among healthcare providers as well as between providers and payers is still rare. Healthcare is keeping the fax machine industry alive.

Now you can automate the exchange of information between payers and providers, and create efficiencies that pay off for your organization. Clinical Data Clearinghouse integrates clinical data into the patient access workflow to increase productivity, reduce cost—and speed reimbursement.

Clinical Data Clearinghouse moves key data among healthcare entities, using the intelligence and flexibility of its hub to overcome the issues which have been keeping the industry from achieving the goals of interoperability. Our solution makes data exchange far more efficient, accurate and actionable.

Key features and benefits

Get paid faster

Experian Health’s electronic data exchange is efficient, accurate and actionable. Authorizations and claims adjudication are processed quickly, minimizing denials and accelerating reimbursement. Built-in communications capabilities help healthcare organizations achieve the goals of interoperability, enabling multiple providers and health plan departments to communicate directly—and automatically document the exchange—on relevant issues.

Save money

Our Clinical Data Clearinghouse solution removes costs associated with manual handling of responses to payer requests for information. Request for authorizations; patient chart data; diagnostic and lab results; and other patient information, including admissions, discharges, and intra-facility transfers are automated, eliminating time-consuming, often frustrating, faxing, phoning and other one-off communications.


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