Are health plans complying with your contract terms?

Verify the accuracy of payment received from third-party payers. Improve contract management with Experian Health’s Contract Manager and Contract Analysis. These powerful solutions continuously audit payer contract performance so you’re assured your collections align with negotiated terms.

How we do it:

  • Our team of contract analysts maintains your contract terms, fee schedules, and payment policies, ensuring accuracy.
  • We continually update reimbursement rules for Medicare and other payers, ensuring precise pricing.
  • Contract Manager seamlessly integrates with medical groups' practice management systems or most health information systems, streamlining operations and reducing IT involvement.

Key features and benefits

Validate reimbursement accuracy

Monitor payer compliance, value claims, and audit remittances, all while leveraging adaptable tools for emerging reimbursement schemes.

Recover underpayments

Conduct contract-based appeals and leverage data-driven insights to streamline communications with payers, promptly resolving recurring issues.

Negotiate favorable terms

Analyze proposed contract terms to tailor negotiation strategies and assess their impact on service lines, facilitating favorable term negotiation.

Hear from our clients

Timothy Daye, Director, Managed Care Contracting at Duke Health Integrated Practice, shares how Experian Health's Contract Manager solution helps their organization protect revenue.

Baylor College of Medicine recovered $4.2 million in additional revenue and improved negotiations.

Client success

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