Data Analytics and Revenue Cycle Solutions for laboratories

Keep your labs profitable

It is time to move from antiquated to automated.

Advanced data analytics, integration strategies, and revenue cycle management solutions help labs stay competitive and less prone to acquisition. In an environment with high fixed costs, disparate information systems, incomplete or inaccurate data from referring providers, and reduced reimbursement under PAMA (Protecting Access to Medicare Act) – labs face a challenging revenue cycle.

In addition, many labs still rely on a manual processes and paper. Unfortunately, this leads to confusion and miscommunication that isn’t good for patients, referring providers, or timely payments.

Experian Health’s SaaS-based solutions and our rules-based, customizable eCare NEXT® platform, helps labs automate up to 80% of manual processing.

Our solutions

Coverage Discovery®

Previously unidentified insurance locator.

Identity Verification

Demographics information verification.

Order Manager

Order intake and results delivery.

Passport Authorizations

Prior authorization processing.

Passport Eligibility

Enhanced eligibility verification and data normalization.

Passport Medical Necessity

Medical necessity checking and order validation.

Claim Scrubber

Decrease claim denials, increase and improve claim accuracy and improve cash flow.


Enterprise-wide web claims management.

Contract Manager and Contract Analysis for hospitals and health systems

Collect every dollar due and hold your payers accountable for your facility and technical charge claims.

Contract Manager and Contract Analysis for medical groups

Verify accuracy of payment and negotiate successful contracts for free-standing labs and professional services.

Patient Estimates

Patient Estimates is a user-friendly, web-based pricing transparency tool for hospitals, medical facilities and physicians that creates accurate estimates of authorized services for patients before or at the point-of-service. 

Patient Financial Clearance

Charity screening and determination of propensity to pay.


Automated, online payments solution.

Precise ID® with Digital Risk Score

Patient identity proofing at each login.


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