Reduce Denials and Improve Cash Flow with Claim Scrubber

Industry estimates show that healthcare organizations devote more than $83,000 per physician per year to interactions with payers, and many of these are the direct result of claim errors. Experian Health Claim Scrubber eliminates costly, time-consuming rework and boost first-time pass-through rates by ensuring that all claims are complete and accurate before submission to the appropriate payer or clearinghouse. 

Submit Cleaner Claims

After thoroughly reviewing each claim on a line-by-line basis to ensure it is coded properly and contains the correct information, Experian Health Claim Scrubber applies an extensive set of general and payer-specific edits before preparing the claim for immediate processing. Errors that may result in denials as well as undercharges are identified before claims reach the payer. This proactive approach enables healthcare organizations to enhance operational efficiency, lower days in accounts receivable and reduce administrative costs.

Minimize Payment Delays

When leveraged in combination with Experian Health Contract Management, providers can audit claims before and after remittance. This closed-loop approach results in more timely reimbursement and a healthier bottom line.

Additional Benefits of Claim Scrubber Include:
  • Improved cash flow
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Faster payment

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