Efficient, Real-time Income Validation

Determine a customer’s ability to meet their financial obligations with a versatile, intuitive and easy-to-use tool. Income InsightSM and Income Insight W2SM are tri-bureau capable income estimation models built on bureau-exclusive predictors and verified income data. Both models estimate income based solely on information from a consumer's credit report to provide a flexible and practical solution to achieve financial success.

Capture Your Customer's Complete Income Picture

Income Insight provides a comprehensive measurement of total income, including wages, rent, alimony and investments. This enhances your ability to assess a complete financial picture and improves decision-making by providing in-depth insight into a customer’s overall ability to pay.

Income Insight W2 estimates the wage income of a consumer which is especially applicable for low to mid-range income levels where income is comprised mostly of wages.

Features and Benefits

Having the right tools in place is critical to making profitable decisions in all phases of the customer lifecycle. Income Insight and Income Insight W2 can be deployed in a variety of ways and have multiple uses including:

PROSPECTING – increase revenue by targeting the customers with the greatest ability to pay

UNDERWRITING – improve efficiency by validating customer income in real-time using current credit report process

RISK MANAGEMENT – mitigate losses by identifying profitable customers that have the capacity to take on additional debt

PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS – enhance servicing and collection strategies by utilizing refreshed income

COLLECTIONS – achieve better results by prioritizing collections for those accounts most likely to repay

The Income Insight models and their companion tool, Debt-to-Income InsightSM provide a wide range of benefits including better fraud mitigation, stronger risk management and responsible provision of credit.

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