Improving Marketing ROI with Credit Risk Data

Sip and SolveTM 15-Minute Webinar

Improving Marketing ROI with Credit Risk Data

Getting tired of rejecting leads that your marketing team is passing over to the credit department? It’s time to get on the same page. 

In this Sip and Solve webinar, Chad Downey shares how integrating credit risk data into marketing campaigns can be a great opportunity to significantly grow your bottom line, drive higher approval rates, and increase marketing ROI.


Chad Downey

Chad Downey, Solutions Consultant

Chad Downey is a Business Marketing Consultant working within the Business Information Services unit of Experian. He works closely with clients, using best practices in Business to Business marketing that leverage Experian's data and analytic capabilities to optimize prospect targeting. Chad has been in the credit and marketing industry for over 20 years and held roles in technology, marketing, and strategic sales.

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