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A perfect match - why good match rates mean better ROI

Finding the right business is the backbone of what drives each task a risk manager must do – ranging from onboarding new accounts to reviewing their existing portfolio.

Sometimes, identifying that business can be very challenging if you don’t have the right information. Which name should you use for the business? Legal name? DBA? What if the business has multiple locations? What if the business is collocated with another? What about businesses that are merged? What if the business moves to another location?

There are numerous challenges behind finding the right business with significant upside in doing so. If you’re able to increase your ability to find the right business by just 10%, it could have a significant impact on your bottom line. Learn how Experian tackles these challenges and gain an understanding on best practices for how you can solve for them, as well as:

  • How improving match rate will improve ROI
  • Strategies to identify the best business information to use
  • How accuracy & timeliness of contributed data improves match quality (and improves ROI)


Maneesh Raswan

Maneesh Raswan, Sr. Director of Search Engineering and Architecture

As an avid technologist for over 25 years, Maneesh applies his expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Big Data and Consumer and Business Credit to deliver innovative solutions to some of Experian’s most complex business problems.

Kyle Blanchard

Kyle Blanchard, Product Manager

Kyle is an educator at heart, scientist by training and product manager by trade – all traits he draws upon to coordinate technology experts, marketing innovators, and the feedback of our customers to solve complex business challenges. In prior roles, Kyle worked in financial services, marketing, technology, and education. This experience was foundational in building strong problem-solving and collaboration skills to bring together teams, and build products that serve some of our customer’s most urgent needs. 

Kyle graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degrees in both Physics and Astrophysics.

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