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Best Practices in Machine Learning for Small Business Lending

In today’s world where petabytes of data are created on a daily basis, harnessing the potential value from the growing volume of data becomes a major challenge. One way to overcome this challenge is by applying machine learning techniques to data analysis. For small business lending, there are several barriers of entry to easy adoption and application of such techniques, such as the lack of explainability, interpretability, transparency, and deployability. 

Join us for a 15-minute Sip and Solve as our resident data scientist addresses these barriers and uncovers how small business lenders can apply appropriate methods, modern infrastructures, and best-in-class partnerships to integrate machine learning into their business processes.


Matt Shubert

Matt Shubert, Director of Data Science and Modeling

Matt Shubert leads Experian’s Commercial Data Sciences team which consists of a combination of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Statistical Model Developers. The Commercial Data Science team is responsible for the development of all attributes and models in support of the BIS business unit. Matt’s 15+ years of experience leading data science and model development efforts within some of the largest global financial institutions, gives our clients access to a wealth of knowledge to discover the hidden ROI within their own data.

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