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Combating digital fraud attacks

In today's digital evolution, traditional methods of verification while still vital is ineffective in combating today's fraudsters. There's now an ever-increasing need to apply a layered approach and leverage probabilistic techniques such as machine learning, device and telephony intelligence to help combat fraudsters who have access to the same traditional data you're verifying as part of your existing fraud strategy.

We cover:

  • Understanding why traditional identity data is insufficient in the digital world.
  • Applying a layered approach will be more effective to combating today's fraud techniques.
  • New alternative data sources to consider within your layered strategy.


Li Mao

Li Mao, Product Manager

Li Mao is a Product Manager of our Global Data Network, our international offering that supports companies who are operating internationally manage their risk for customer acquisition and across their portfolio. Li is focused on creating a set of tools that will enable professionals to make the best decision in the most efficient way. He is passionate about leveraging new technologies and challenging the norm in order to move the industry forward.

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