Partnering with Experian

Resell Experian Commercial Data and Services to Others

Experian provides a wide array of commercial information and data services that you can tailor to fit your business model. Our goal is to make you more successful in supporting the needs of your customer’s growth needs – we’ll help you meet them where they are and get them to where they want to be.

Three reasons your customers want you to be an Experian reseller

Support Confident Growth

Experian Business reports are the industry’s leading source of information on more than 27 Million of U.S. businesses comprised of only data collected from 3rd party sources and compiled using the latest in data compilation technologies. The right decision depends on a complete picture of a business health, the ability to search and find the right business, every time, and have the assurance that additional data points are linked. Whether accessing this data online, offline, one-offs, or in real-time your customers can have the confidence they need to make the best decision about that new customer or an existing account.

Enable Digital Transformation

In today’s credit landscape modernization is a must. 30% of all credit departments report being understaffed, and that isn’t likely to change any time soon and with growth comes even more pressure on time and processes. Be the hero for enabling your customer to implement automation and realize operational efficiencies. Help your customers implement Experian’s cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent decisioning, portfolio management, mobile decisioning, and more to transform their credit department into a highly efficient business operation.

Facilitate Innovation

Don’t let your customers get left behind. The speed of innovation is increasing at an exponential rate, and those businesses who take advantage of new technology and methods will have an edge on their competitions. Provide your customers with that decisive edge through the innovation Experian is bringing to the market. Experian is the leader leading the industry in applying advanced data science techniques to provide the highest match rates, most predictive data scores and aggregates, and a unique ability to blend consumer and business scores. Partner with Experian to put data science to work in your customer’s onboarding and portfolio management to enable modern decisioning.

What you can expect as a reseller

Resources & Support

Experian resellers have access to a full repository of online sales materials and promotions geared to make life easy for your sales team. Experian is also active at many industry tradeshows providing you a “home base” for helping your customers better understand how you can help their organization. Finally, we have a full team of support representatives available to promptly assist your customer should any problem come up.

A True Partner

We take great pride in the relationships we have with our partners. Each of our partners gets a dedicated Experian account executive that will work hands-on with you to plan promotions, support sales training, meet with customers, or resolve customer issues. You’ll also have access to our product management and marketing teams for additional feedback and support. In short, you’ll have a team of folks supporting your success.

Solution Oriented Pricing

The most valuable solution is one that is tailored to the needs of your customers. Our team will work directly with you and your customers to make sure you have the best offer possible. Whether that’s custom pricing or flexible terms, we’ll work to make it easy for your customer to be successful.

The Experian Brand

Have confidence that the Experian brand supports your message. At our core is creating a better tomorrow by helping businesses today. Working with Experian means you gain a partner in your business-- from the moment you engage with our team to determine the best solution, the peace of mind you get by relying on the industry’s most stringent security and governance policies – Experian’s Security First program, to the confidence of consistent and rapid customer service enjoyed by thousands of customers.