Partnering with Experian

Partnering to power the applications of the future.

At the core of Experian’s innovative products is our data. We love to partner with companies who challenge the status quo and push the envelope by applying Experian’s data, technologies, and data science to open-up and expand marketplace value.

A true partnership in innovation:

Today dozens of startups and established companies have worked one-on-one with our teams to add value to their solution set and/or to bring new products to market. Experian has vast data resources that power a wide array of partner solutions in differing industries, including Fintech, Insurtech, Martech, Supply Chain, Analytics, and Data Science, the options are limitless. While not restricting potential use cases, here are some additional partnership examples:

Providers of Supply Chain Solutions

Incorporating Experian data to allow their clients to: authenticate/validate that potential suppliers are legitimate, manage financial stability risk, both for new suppliers and existing suppliers, gain insight into corporate family trees to better manage spend and/or risk.

Providers of Marketing Solutions

Utilizing Experian data to improve the quality of marketing contacts/leads, gain insight into clients “readiness to buy” through adding in Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) insights, and provide prospecting selects such as firmographics, credit scores and public record filings.

Providers of Business Intelligence

Adding in Experian data to help clients gain greater insight into each business as seen through comprehensive credit profiles and analytics.

Whether it’s a new concept or enhancing a service already in-market, you’ll be able to leverage our real-time APIs, bulk data services, or custom business data attributes developed with our industry-leading data science team. Experian capabilities such as KYC, Fraud, Business Identification, Data Enhancement, Decisioning, Alerts, and more were designed to plug right into your products and services.

These services can be white-labeled to look like your brand, or integrated as a co-brand to leverage the power of Experian branding, whichever provides the greatest value for your customers and gives you a competitive edge in the market.

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Why Experian?

At our core is creating a better tomorrow by helping businesses today. Working with Experian means you gain a partner in your business from the moment you engage with our team to determine the best solution, the peace of mind you get by relying on the industry’s most stringent security and governance policies – Experian’s Security First program, to the confidence of consistent and rapid customer service enjoyed by thousands of customers.

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