Universal Identity Manager

Match and manage patient identities

What is the best way to solve problems associated with disconnected patient demographic information? Putting the right connections in place. Interoperability and exchanging information across the healthcare ecosystem is an achievable goal. It is possible to successfully address problems caused by data integration challenges and fluid patient data. There is a well-documented need for a universal patient identifier, the absence of which poses both business and safety issues.

Universal Identity Manager (UIM) improves the safety, speed, quality and cost of care.  The UIM accurately identifies patients and matches records within and across disparate healthcare organizations (pharmacy, lab, payer, and provider), facilitating information exchange within and across the healthcare ecosystem and creating a unique, universal patient identifier.

By combining the power of Experian’s consumer demographic information with reference data and referential matching methodologies, the UIM goes beyond the limitations of conventional deterministic or probabilistic methods to achieve higher matching rates and mitigate matching challenges associated with data quality. Standardization industry studies from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and Sequoia Project (an independent advocate for nationwide health information exchange) have validated our approach.

Key features and benefits

Address data integration challenges

The UIM identifies patients and links records, allowing entities with disparate databases, systems, and data formats to share a single view of the same patient. Accurate and complete information is securely exchanged, minimizing medical and billing errors, and fraud.

Protect your patients

Experian Health’s UIM leverages consumer credit data to improve record quality. Eliminating duplicate, overlapping, incomplete or fraudulent data in patient profiles—and preventing PHI exposure—safeguards privacy and ensures easy access to information needed to deliver high quality care.

Drive efficiency, financial performance

Reduce resources needed to reconcile medical records. Decrease costs associated with denials, rework and payment delays. Increase registration staff productivity through automated patient identity processes. Improve collections. 

Learn more from Experian Health

Experian Health has a strategic alliance with NCPDP (National Council for Prescription Drug Programs) to provide a universal patient identifier that will help address the complexities of managing patient identification by identifying consumers in the healthcare ecosystem more accurately. The universal patient identifier is powered by Experian Health’s UIM.

Phillip Scott from NCPDP talks about their partnership with Experian Health on IntrepidNOW podcast.

Experian Health and NCPDP disucss how they have teamed up to leverage an innovative matching solution.


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