Passport Authorizations

Automated, online pre-authorization management

Surprisingly, many healthcare providers still rely on a manual paperwork process for authorization management. Unfortunately, this leads to confusion and miscommunication that isn’t good for patients or providers. It’s time to move from antiquated to automated.

Passport Authorizations is an integrated online service that facilitates the prior authorization management inquiry and submission processes. Inquiries are automated and take place behind the scenes without user intervention. The user is guided through the workflow, auto-filling all of the payer data and prompting only if manual intervention is required.

Passport Authorizations taps into our Passport Knowledgebase™ which stores and dynamically updates national payer prior authorization requirements. Clients can provide local/community rules and updates to be downloaded into the knowledgebase. Passport Authorizations’ users automatically have access to the most up-to-date prior authorization requirement information in real-time.

Our SmartAgent™ feature facilitates the pre-certification submission process by signing the user into the appropriate payer website and auto populating the patient demographic information. SmartAgent stops once clinical questions are encountered, allowing the user to complete the clinical requirements

Automation helped CHRISTUS Health achieve a 60% increase in productivity

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Key features and benefits

Make your operations more efficient

With Passport Authorizations, inquiries take place without user intervention, as does status monitoring. Submissions guide staff through the workflow, auto-filling all information Experian Health has received and prompting users only if their involvement is required.

Access the industry’s most complete payer database

Experian Health's pre-authorization knowledgebase stores and dynamically updates payer prior authorization requirements. Your staff can check whether prior authorization is required for a particular procedure or service, and the knowledgebase automatically responds to queries with information needed.

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