Passport NOA

Automate and integrate Notice of Admissions

Failure to meet payer Notice of Admissions (NOA) requirements lowers reimbursement rates and delays payments. 

When NOA requirements are managed by hands-on processes, delays and human error can occur—resulting in delayed and decreased reimbursement. Passport NOA automates the submission of accurate patient admission data within the payer’s required timeframes, reducing risk.

Our solution saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent on the phone or chasing paperwork, eliminates potential for human error, and ensures the timely notice of inpatient hospital admittance to payers that keeps you in compliance—and maximizes revenue.

Passport NOA lets users check eligibility, then immediately submit payer NOA requirements in a single solution from the same workflow—with no delays or data errors that put reimbursements at risk.

Key features and benefits

Automate and integrate the NOA process

Our Passport NOA solution uses a simple data interface to keep NOA notification in your workflow. It pre-fills the required patient and procedure information and eliminates mistakes that can happen with manual data entry. You save time otherwise spent chasing paperwork and contacting payers.

Keep compliant

Failure to meet NOA requirements with payers exposes your organization. Avoid the financial pitfalls of missed or inaccurate notifications.

Automate and integrate Notice of Admissions

Passport NOA’s powerful integrated fax capabilities receive, index, and split multiple document types.  You are able to capture electronic information associated with a fax and attach to an incoming or existing order.  Convert faxed information to metadata for fast lookup and integrate with document imaging systems to deliver documents in a cold-feed environment.  


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