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If you’re still devoting time and resources to manual patient access tasks, you’re not only falling behind in the competitive healthcare industry, but you’re also missing an opportunity to enhance the overall patient experience. Fortunately, countless tasks — scheduling, preregistration, registration, and admissions — are no longer paper-based and don’t require nearly as much hands-on involvement as they used to.

Through utilizing healthcare workflow automation, you can improve productivity without overextending employees’ duties. Instead, your team can spend more time caring for patients and helping them with the financial side of their experience, which is something both patients and doctors prefer.

With Experian Health’s Touchless WorkflowTM solutions, providers can exercise greater control over administrative tasks and significantly improve revenue recovery. This will give physicians and employees more time to focus on creating a more efficient, effective, and positive experience for everyone involved.

Learn more about how we can help you make patient access predictable so you can spend more time serving patients.

Passport NOA (Notice of Admission)

Passport NOA does just that. Our solution saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent on the phone or chasing paperwork, eliminates potential for human error, and ensures the timely notice of inpatient hospital admittance to payers that keeps you in compliance—and maximizes revenue.

Passport Authorizations

Passport Authorizations is an integrated online service that facilitates the prior authorization management inquiry and submission processes. Inquiries are automated and take place behind the scenes without user intervention. The user is guided through the workflow, auto-filling all of the payer data and prompting only if manual intervention is required.

Passport Eligibility / Premium EDI

Passport Eligibility simplifies the insurance verification process using search optimization functionality and data enrichment intelligence. Passport Eligibility takes your request submission and results review tasks and sends back accurate and actionable insurance data.

Passport Medical Necessity

Passport Medical Necessity is the best road to clinical revenue protection. Interfacing with multiple information systems, it validates an order throughout the process to produce a clean claim billed without fear of denial and integrates with all EMR, scheduling, and registration systems.


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