Powering confident and compliant leasing decisions

We're the leading provider in rental data and decisioning. Our comprehensive suite of consumer data, products and platforms, helps meet the needs of property management software providers and companies, landlords and residents throughout the leasing lifecycle. Our industry-leading data, analytics and technology enable smarter and quicker decisions required to verify tenants faster, mitigate revenue losses, and deliver a modernized user experience.



Open the door to more renters with confidence

Experian rental property solutions power confident and compliant leasing decisions while driving opportunities for renters to improve their financial health. 


Confidently authenticate and approve tenants faster

Approve applicants faster

Leverage real-time data, scores and analytics to confidently approve more applicants quickly.

Mitigate renter risk

Instantly verify applicant income, rental history, and identity to mitigate revenue losses.

Access rental history data

Experian® RentBureau® is the largest and most widely used rental payment database.

Looking to access Experian RentBureau data?

How we can help

Capture a holistic view of a consumer to confidently authenticate applicant information.

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Streamline operations to shorten approval times.

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Approve tenants with faster data access and decisioning.

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Authenticate applicant identity and documents.

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Deliver consumer-centric experiences through technology.

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