Sustainable government solutions

With citizen expectations at an all-time high and budgets tighter than ever, government agencies face the tough challenge of balancing internal goals with compliance requirements, all while creating better outcomes for the citizens they serve.

Experian’s extensive data assets, unique analytical offerings and proven track record of adhering to the highest standards in data security and regulatory compliance help federal, state and local agencies provide public services that are more effective and personal for the people who use them.

Additionally, Experian’s identity verification and fraud solutions help government entities make certain that services, information and benefits reach the eligible citizens and not impostors.

Experian’s citizen and business data provides insight and ability for local, state and federal agencies. This allows them to operate and engage more efficiently, saving money and time, while also enhancing citizen engagement.

Public sector solutions that deliver results

We consider the complex challenges facing the public sector and work to develop relevant, timely and sustainable government solutions for our clients

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Identity proofing

Verify in-person and remote citizen identities with confidence through comprehensive workflows certified to meet government resolution, validation and verification requirements.

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Combatting fraud

Flexible, scalable enterprise fraud solutions help you keep citizen data safe, mitigate the risk of financial fraud and identity theft.

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Eligibility verification

Leverage eligibility verification services that incorporate third-party data and analytics into established processes and infrastructure to gain improved insight for efficient decision-making.

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State government consulting

Our state and local government consulting services help agencies better serve their citizens by addressing operational and strategic challenges, improving performance, increasing efficiency and managing budgets. 

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Federal government consulting

Our federal government consulting services help agencies address operational and strategic challenges, improve performance, increase efficiency and manage their budgets.

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Risk management

Comprehensive data and predictive analytics enable agencies to authenticate identities, monitor status change and mitigate risks.

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Single citizen view

Locate disparate citizen data records for single citizen view projects, assign each citizen a unique identifier to obtain linkage analysis, and verify data to protect citizens against evolving fraud risk. 

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