Government agencies tasked with monitoring lottery compliance must verify that all players are of legal age and eliminate duplicate records from “second chance” programs, while also adhering to legal regulations and deterring fraud. Our lottery-compliant solutions help to confirm players’ identities and de-duplicate existing player data.



Verification services
Verify player’s age to determine eligibility of participation in second chance programs.

Authentication solutions
Authenticate and approve more players, while lowering program costs.

Data insights
Use data to eliminate duplicate players’ records in second chance programs.

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What is a second chance program?

Nearly every state in the U.S. has state-run lotteries. The clear majority of them offer some type of second chance program, allowing you to enter your non-winning tickets into random drawings. Under these programs, you typically register and input the losing lottery ticket number. During registration, duplicate records can be created.


Player registration


Verify a player’s age to determine eligibility with Precise ID®.

Data solutions


Analyze large volumes of player data using batch processes.

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