Reliable rental industry solutions that help make better decisions and experiences

Experian® provides a comprehensive suite of services to help meet the needs of property management software providers and companies, landlords and residents throughout the leasing lifecycle.

Our end-to-end rental solutions help optimize digital experiences to process applications faster, make better-quality decisions for overall improved efficiency and customer experience. 



Open the door to more renters with confidence

Experian Rental Property Solutions powers confident and compliant leasing decisions while driving opportunities for renters to improve their financial health. 


The best leasing decisions begin with the best data & technology

We can help you and your customers

Review Tenant Screening Reports and Scores

Instantly Verify Tenant Income and Employment

Share and Retrieve Rental Payment Data

Mitigate Identity and Application Fraud

Check Criminal Background and Eviction History

Prequalify Tenants in Real Time

Looking to provide Experian data or products to your customers?

Partner with us! Experian’s partner program offers a wide array of data and services that empower you and your customers to drive revenue, minimize risk and deliver a frictionless customer experience.


Make better decisions. Provide better experiences.

  • Secure and compliant: Proven track record and focus on compliance, data privacy and security best practices.
  • Innovative solutions: Reliable, industry-leading solutions that offer insights, increased efficiency and differentiated customer experience.
  • Flexible access & delivery: From modern RESTful APIs to more turnkey solution options, we have a way to meet a wide range of needs.
  • Commitment to consumers: Empowering and protecting applicants in sharing accurate information to drive their financial success.
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