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Contribute Rental Collection Data to Experian RentBureau

More efficient debt recovery efforts

Experian RentBureau receives updated rental payment data every 24 hours from its national network of property management and collections companies and makes that information immediately available to the entire multifamily industry.

Benefits of Contributing Your Data
  • Added visibility — Rather than including all types of collection accounts, the Experian RentBureau database only includes rental and utilities specific collection data giving your rental collections accounts increased attention
  • Better leverage — Applicants will be prevented from getting a new lease before satisfying their debt obligation to you
  • Improved recovery rates — Take advantage of the growing network of resident screeners using this rent-specific collection data in their screening process

Request More Information

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If you are a collection company and would like to join the growing network of companies like yours currently contributing their rental collection data to Experian RentBureau.

Contribute your Rental Collection Data to Experian RentBureau

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Rental History Analysis

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Press Center

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CNN’s The Situation Room reports that Experian is now including rental payment history data on its credit reports. This change could impact millions of renters nationwide.

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