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Contractor Risk-Assessment Services

Better evaluate contractors to reduce fraud, waste and abuse

Each year, government agencies disburse billions of dollars to outside contractors and suppliers. To reduce fraud, waste and abuse in spending, procurement personnel must accurately vet and verify prospective contractors to determine supplier responsibility. Discover a faster, easier and more comprehensive approach.

Reduce fraud, waste and abuse

Under the Federal Acquisition Regulation and mandates set forth in recent procurement reform, agencies are required to assess whether prospective partners have the experience, resources and integrity to fulfill contractual obligations. In addition, Washington’s focus on spending oversight, accountability and transparency makes comprehensive contractor due diligence increasingly critical. Agencies that accurately determine contractor responsibility reduce their risk and gain numerous operational and economic advantages.

Only objective, third-party-verified data

Experian® supplies unbiased data from reputable, third-party sources to reduce risk and facilitate procurement compliance. Each name and address variation from every data source is stored just as it comes from the information supplier. Once in file, rules are applied to create a high-quality, third-party-corroborated composite record.

Superior small and medium business expertise

Given the increased emphasis on small-business procurement, agencies are required to conduct more responsibility determinations on prospective small-business contractors. Yet limited or unreliable data about small companies and their owners can complicate the due-diligence process. With files on more than 44 million total businesses —you get the in-depth insight needed to reduce risk and confidently manage all phases of procurement decisioning.

Revealing hidden risk through linkage

Gain a complete picture of a business with information on all related or affiliated entities, revealing unseen risk from the larger corporate “family

  • Corporate Linkage — Corporate Linkage identifies (potentially hidden) relationships among businesses. Experian leverages unique data assets and unparalleled search-and-match capabilities to reveal easy-to-miss connections within organizations of all sizes.
  • Business-Owner Linkage — Business-owner linkage combines the industry’s best small- and midsize business information with the nation’s largest collection of consumer credit information, FileOne SM. Clearly see all affiliations, as well as other details regarding ownership, proprietorship and individuals’ positions as principal or key employees.
Gain an edge with unprecedented intelligence

Benefit from robust, third-party-verified data on millions of U.S. businesses and owners, combined with state-of-the art technology and more than 30 years of data-management expertise. Get unprecedented insight into the business behaviors and performance of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

  • Industry-best BizSourceSM platform with best-in-class data storage
  • Superior hit rates using TrueSearchSM search-and-match technology
  • Freshness and ongoing maintenance of records
  • The world’s strongest commercial collections data
  • Better modeling and scoring, including more recent, relevant and predictive scores
  • Flexible pricing options that include pay-as-you-go plans and value-based subscriptions

A full range of products, services and options

Risk scores facilitate quick, consistent and cost-effective responsibility determination decisions. When additional analysis is needed, in-depth reports can provide an objective, up-to-date picture of how a business and its owner(s) handle financial obligations — including detailed trade, public record, collection and background information.

Accurately score and monitor your agency’s overall contractor base and rank accounts according to risk. Get alerts on new derogatory or new positive contractor information and help expose potentially fraudulent vendors who warrant additional attention.

Responsibility determination data subsets can include:

  •  Primary name, variations and addresses
  • Years in business, number of employees and annual revenue
  • Names of key personnel
  • Credit summary and in-depth credit history
  • Detailed financial payment trends
  • Predicted payment behavior
  • Banking, insurance and leasing information
  • Uniform Commercial Code filing information
  • Bankruptcy, judgment and tax lien filings
  • Credit inquiries in the past nine months
  • Financial information on publicly traded companies

Less risk, more confidence, better results

Gain confidence throughout the responsibility determination process, from pre-award evaluations to post-award monitoring and portfolio management. To get more information complete the form below and an Experian representative will contact you shortly.

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