Mortgage originations

Power better decisions, streamline processes and improve the borrower experience with our mortgage origination services and solutions

In the current ever-changing economic environment, much can happen from the time an application is initiated to when a loan is funded. Borrowers need a fast and easy process, proactive communication, and more clarity and transparency about their loan. Meanwhile, mortgage lenders need to ensure their lending decisions are based on a holistic and current view of their borrower's risk profile.

Experian Mortgage offers powerful tools to help streamline processes as well as assess and verify a borrower’s complete financial situation, helping lenders make the right decisions and reduce risk.

Mortgage origination services and solutions

Drive better lending decisions and reduce risk.

Transform customer experience

Fulfill the expectations of today’s borrowers by delivering a streamlined and convenient digital experience.

Gain a holistic view of the borrower

Tap into unique and comprehensive datasets, such as property and alternative data, to gain a well-rounded picture of a borrower’s lending profile.

Power better lending decisions

Accurately assess ability to pay through verification of income, employment and assets, plus proactively monitor volatility-relevant insights.

Accelerate your mortgage evolution


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