Residential property data solutions

Elevate lending decisions with residential property data and build a more complete view of your borrowers

Insight into nearly 100% of U.S. residential properties

Gaining a comprehensive view of a borrower’s financial situation is essential for thriving in today’s market. However, tracking down and obtaining different insights from multiple data providers is costly and inefficient. In many cases, the data is incompatible or improperly matched, resulting in a fragmented and incomplete view of the borrower.  

At Experian®, all your data needs are available in one place, from one provider. Using proprietary AI-powered matching and linking technology, we offer a fully integrated view of borrower credit behavior and property information. Our property data solutions provide a more comprehensive view of your borrower so you can make informed lending decisions across the lifecycle and maximize the value and ROI of your data spend.

Enrich lending decisions across your business

When armed with a more complete view of the borrower, teams from across your business can make more informed decisions

Marketing and growth

Improve campaign performance by enhancing audience segmentation, targeting and messaging.

Servicing and portfolio management

Manage a more profitable portfolio by uncovering hidden risks and retaining high-performing borrowers.

Analytics and research

Inform and influence business strategies by staying attuned to evolving market conditions and portfolio trends.

Gain a more complete view of your borrower 

Leverage fully integrated, industry-leading residential property data

Residential property data solutions

Residential property data

Detailed property information on nearly 100% of U.S. residential properties.

Residential Property Attributes™

Up to 300 insights attributes aggregating property and tradeline information.

Residential Property Triggers™

Daily notifications for newly listed properties both on- and off-book.

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Fresh, accurate property data

We've joined forces with the foremost provider of property data and analytics in the industry, offering unrivaled coverage and credibility. Our data is verified and validated against multiple sources, ensuring you have access to the most current and comprehensive information available.

Here are a few examples of the breadth of insights we offer:

  • Assessor tax information
  • Detailed property characteristics
  • Deeds and mortgages (20+ years history)
  • Assignment and releases
  • Automated valuation models (20+ years history)
  • Property listings
  • Liens and foreclosures
  • Homeowners association
  • Propensity scores

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Property AND Credit Data: The Dynamic Duo

To thrive in today's market, it’s critical to have a comprehensive understanding of your borrowers’ financial situation, meaning insights into both their property information and credit behavior. However, the process of vetting, selecting and onboarding multiple data providers, whose data may not be compatible, can be time-consuming and resource intensive.

Experian uses proprietary AI-powered matching and linking technology to deliver an industry-unique, fully integrated view of these two data sources — property and credit — empowering you to make more informed lending decisions. 

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