Mortgage servicing

Proactively deepen insights for managing portfolio risk and retention

This era of record-breaking low rates and economic uncertainty has resulted in unprecedented challenges mortgage servicing teams now face. Recapture efforts, default management, loss mitigation and borrower retention have never been more important to the solvency of a servicing book than now.

Our comprehensive menu of datasets, attributes and tools allows servicers to better identify customers and prioritize triage strategies, anticipate portfolio fluctuations and mitigate risk. Additionally, the ability to holistically look at consumer, credit and property data empowers servicing teams to actionably retain their best customers.

Mortgage servicing solutions

Leverage solutions to effectively navigate today’s servicing environment.

Expertly forecast scenarios

Analyze economic scenarios, estimate liquidity and required reserves, and assess potential impacts.

Power recapture operations

Accelerate servicing retention efforts using fresh data to reduce risk and retain the best customers.

Streamline portfolio management

Proactively monitor accounts for early warning signs or changes to a borrower’s lending profile.

Accelerate your mortgage evolution



Overcoming barriers to successful debt collections

Learn how you can make more profitable decisions and collect more debt by leveraging data and advanced analytics to develop better strategies.

On-demand webinar

Economic scenarios following the impact of COVID-19

Watch this webinar for the latest updates regarding the macroeconomic forecast and credit trends as our experts conduct a deep dive into changing trends resulting from the pandemic.

White paper

2020 state of alternative credit data

Discover the latest consumer and lending insights, the regulatory landscape and how alternative credit data is being used across the lending marketplace to reduce financial volatility and mitigate risk.

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