Data standardization

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How data standardization works

Data standardization is the process of transforming data taken from different sources and various formats into a consistent format. Standardizing your data fixes inconsistent capitalization, punctuation, acronyms, non-alphanumeric characters, and values in the wrong fields. Make it easier to identify issues and outliers in your data, and speed up the time it takes for you to get actionable insights from your data.

Our data standardization solution can format all alphabetical characters, standardize abbreviations, and remove extra characters, such as taking parentheses and hyphens out of phone numbers.

Benefits of data standardization

Define how your data is formatted

You define how you want your data to be standardized and formatted. No more double checking and sifting through your data. Spend your time actioning data, not doubting it.

Eliminate unnecessary fluff

Remove extraneous characters from data that does not conform with your desired formats. Make it easier on you and your team to actually use data.

Easily identifying data errors

Quickly identify issues such as outliers in your data. Transform and manipulate that data to meet your specific business needs.

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