Data profiling and discovery

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The importance of data profiling and discovery

Data profiling and data discovery tools allow you to analyze and identify relationships among your data. Our data quality management platform grants you unparalleled profiling and discovery capabilities so you can better manage your data. Easily find connections among your data, as well as outliers and issues with your data.

Our solution can help you determine how to resolve your data quality issues, such as through cleansing or standardization. By enabling you to browse data and more than 240 metadata attributes immediately, the platform provides quick and consistent value for any data initiative you have.

How our data profiling and discovery tool helps

Save time and money

Remove the need for manual data profiling processes.

  • Easily identify and resolve issues to ensure data accuracy
  • Increase organizational efficiency with quick time-to-value

Increase your bottom line

Link financial metrics to data quality.

  • Gain insight into which data errors have the greatest business impact
  • Deliver a better customer experience based on accurate, standardized information

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