Data monitoring

The best way to ensure your data is high quality? Maintain high-quality data.

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How data monitoring works

Data quality issues can arise at any moment—day or night—and cause massive disruptions in business as usual. Without a system in place to resolve errors in time, organizations risk lost revenue, poor customer experiences, and non-compliance penalties.

That’s why we have a solution to monitor the quality of your data and send you alerts when something goes awry. Our data monitoring solution can be scheduled to run automatically, and you can have the peace of mind that comes with high-quality data. 

Benefits of data monitoring

Maintain data accuracy

Automatically assess the quality of more than 200 metadata attributes within your data files.

  • Verify data fields for completeness, uniqueness, statistical anomalies, and more
  • Receive automated alerts when data quality falls below a specified threshold

Visualize quality changes

Show fluctuations in data quality levels over time with visual dashboards.

  • Validate the impacts of business rule changes on overall data quality
  • Demonstrate program success to business leadership with helpful reports

Empower business users

Provide permission-based access to business users to generate reports or transform data.

  • Create business-specific rules to monitor the data that is important to you
  • Increase overall transparency into your organization's data management practices

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