Data migration

Take the guesswork out of your data migration to ensure success

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How to ensure a successful data migration

When it comes to data migrations, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Many organizations undergoing a data migration encounter unforeseen challenges that increase budgets and throw off timelines.

With the help of our data quality management platform, you gain visibility into your data and achieve greater control over the migration process. De-risk and streamline your migration project to ensure you successfully move your data to the new environment on time and on budget.

How we can help ensure data migration success

Comprehensive analysis

  • Identify challenges or relationships you may not have realized exist within your data
  • Generate mapping specifications, analyze, and test the migration with prototyping

Eliminate rework

  • Perform user acceptance testing (UAT) in the prototyping phase to prevent failed UAT
  • Enhance collaboration between business users and technical staff to avoid data issues down the line

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