Customer onboarding for telecommunications

Taking a holistic approach to credit marketing and assessing consumer and business risk.

End-to-end customer acquisition solutions

Challenges created by today’s economic environment have made it imperative for telco providers to adapt strategies and processes that preserve positive customer relationships. At the same time, they must ensure proper individualized treatment by leveraging advanced analytics and comprehensive traditional and non-traditional data at the time of onboarding.

At Experian, we’ve developed exclusive capabilities to help telco providers enhance their processes, offer the right products to each customer, identify consumers in need of financial aid, decrease bad debt and increase profitability.

Improve your customer acquisition strategy

Harness the value of expanding data assets for a more holistic view of your prospects and acquire more profitable customers.

Use data to put the customer first

Bring an insights-driven, omni-channel approach to segmentation, targeting and customer acquisition, with cost-efficiency at top of mind.

Take a powerful approach to customer acquisitions

Harness the value of expanding data assets for a complete view of prospects and acquire more profitable customers. 

Better predict consumer behavior

Accurately identify the likelihood of serious delinquency or derogatory behavior on telco service accounts or device repayment.

Promote inclusion and increase sales

Leverage our onboarding solutions to enhance your telecom customer acquisition strategy.


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Demystifying machine learning

Discover how machine learning can be used to make improved, data-driven decisions.

Tip sheet

The fraud balancing act

Explore how to offer a personalized, digital experience to your consumers – that also offers security and convenience.

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Keeping up with the fraudsters

Learn how you can effectively safeguard your business and consumers from identity theft.

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