Mortgage servicing solutions

Powerful insights to efficiently manage risk and increase mortgage portfolio retention

Expertly manage portfolio risk and retention

Digital transformation, a hypercompetitive mortgage market and an unprecedented lending environment have created new expectations for mortgage servicing teams, and efficiency is key. Mortgage servicers need to have the right loan portfolio analytics, risk and retention strategies in place to out-pace the competition.

We have the most comprehensive view of borrower behavior in the industry and enable servicers to build a well-rounded strategy to better anticipate borrowers’ needs, prioritize strategies and accurately measure portfolio performance. Holistically looking at consumer, credit and property data empowers servicing teams to actionably reduce risk and strengthen operational efficiency.

Drive your portfolio forward

Mortgage loan servicing solutions that provide actionable intelligence needed to reduce risk, enhance retention and recapture and compare portfolio performance against peers.

Gain deeper portfolio insights

Achieve an expanded view of portfolio health, performance and benchmarking by leveraging differentiated data and predictive tools.

Increase portfolio retention

Strengthen borrower loyalty by identifying hidden growth opportunities to expand the relationship and increase share of wallet.

Improve default management

Proactively engage distressed borrowers before it’s too late by identifying key leading indicators of risk.

Optimize borrower engagement

Reach customers with precision by ensuring you always have the most recent contact information, and you’re reaching customers with the right message at the right time.

Accelerate your mortgage evolution with our mortgage servicing solutions.

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Why Experian Mortgage?

  • We provide flexible options delivered your way, whether your team prefers to DIY or outsource, we have you covered. 
  • We take pride in listening to our customers so we can design solutions that align with your business objectives and priorities.
  • Our high-touch approach to service and support will ensure your needs, and the needs of your customers, are being met.


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