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Gain data-driven insights into your marketing performance

Data-driven marketing has allowed for more personalized, 1:1 conversations with customers across channels. But the truth behind the scenes is that a marketer's ability to target is only as good as their ability to measure success. At the end of the day, you need to be able to attribute sales to the correct campaigns and channels. Enter Experian's marketing measurement and response attribution solutions.

Measurement that gives you the ability to prove marketing effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with powerful insights to help improve your marketing strategy and influence future efforts.

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Measure 1:1 campaigns with closed loop reporting

Close the gap between sales and marketing by linking purchase data to campaign exposure data. The end result is being able to quantify both the online and offline sales impact of your addressable campaigns.

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Understand ROI through multi-channel response attribution

For marketers seeking to measure their ROI across multiple channels, response attribution provides a clear view into how marketing efforts work together to drive responses and customer behavior.

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Gain customized insights through analytics services

Our collaborative process includes a comprehensive, multi-dimensional analysis of your marketing programs including forecasting and budgeting strategies.

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Turn social media activity into actionable marketing intelligence

Social media is more than a marketing channel; it’s a powerful source for consumer-generated data. Experian’s Social Media Analysis delivers audience intelligence on over 20 key categories from social influence to audience demographics. Deliver better content and marketing by learning who is behind the handle, not simply what they’re saying.

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