Online behavioral profiling and modeling

Improve multi-channel marketing

When a consumer decides to research a product or service, what outlet does he or she look to first? The internet, of course. This is precisely why online data is so powerful – it’s a direct and immediate reflection of consumers’ brand and product interest.

Online behavioral data is a crucial component in the cross-channel marketing mix that can drastically increase ROI. However, due to various setbacks such as; a lack of resources/capabilities to leverage online data, exhausted prospect list modeling strategies and misunderstanding of the predictive value - Marketers rarely utilize the data source to its full potential.

Experian’s comprehensive solution presents multi-channel marketers with the unique ability to tap the value of this rich data source. Marketers can:

  • Understand online behaviors of customers and prospects
  • Elevate multi-channel program performance with direct mail targeting optimization, email optimization, and more.
  • Expand profitable prospect universe with enhanced predictive models, testing recommendations, and scoring

Experian Marketing Services’ sophisticated online profiling and modeling offerings, layered on top of our Hitwise online behavioral data assets, generate powerful insights that are actionable across online and offline channels.

Experian Hitwise delivers daily insights from the world’s largest sample of online consumer behavior to help marketers increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. By combining online insights with unique offline lifestyle and life stage information, Experian Hitwise helps companies build and optimize their online marketing campaigns for improved multichannel success. Clients rely on Experian Hitwise’s insights to improve the effectiveness of search, display, affiliate, email and social marketing campaigns.

  • Data on the online behavior of 10MM US consumers
  • Behavior on over 1MM websites
  • A multi-sourced sample, based on a combination of ISP data with information from opt-in panel
  • Aggregate usage data from a geographically diverse range of ISP networks and opt-in panels, representing all types of Internet usage, including; home, work, educational and public access
  • Ensures data accuracy and representation based on weighted universe estimates in each market
Online behavioral profiling

Extensive profile analysis based on combined customer, Experian consumer, and online behavioral attributes.

Generate actionable strategy recommendations based on:

  • Demographic and consumer lifestyle segmentation
  • Marketshare/Competition
  • Search terms: industry paid or organic, competitive, branded or non-branded
  • Traffic drivers: top sites, upstream/downstream, social

Online Behavioral Profiling

Key benefits:

  • Understand customer behavior
  • Define tactics to attract new customers
  • Identify where to find ideal segments online
  • Optimize search terms to fit how consumers are searching for products and services
  • Focused media buys put your message in offers in front of high value consumer segments
  • Optimize site content to fit the shopping patterns of specific segments
  • Identify partnership opportunities
  • Enhance multi-channel program performance
Online behavioral modeling

Incorporates the digital behavior of customers and prospects into new or existing performance driven models for testing recommendations and scoring that enhance multi-channel marketing programs.

                     Behavioral Modeling

This unique blend of online behavioral data, consumer data, and analytics and strategy consulting helps marketers overcome prospecting hurdles, such as exhausted prospect list strategies to improve customer acquisition and increase revenues and profit.

Key benefits:

  • Look-alike modeling to enhance or replace existing models
  • Identification of untapped prospect universes
  • Suppression of likely non-responders
  • Enhanced offline prospecting

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