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Credit Unions
Credit unions are facing a rapidly changing environment. You’re looking for product solutions that are designed to meet your unique needs. We understand your requirement for simple yet effective solutions, whether they are geared toward credit or direct marketing.

Experian credit solutions are designed for:

  • User-friendliness: usage, data management, and reporting
  • Fast and comprehensive implementation and system integration
  • Flexible and powerful solutions that support your growing business

Additionally, for over 30 years, Experian has been the direct marketing partner of choice for credit unions. We create solutions to optimize your member relationships and identify new ones. Experian offers you the advantage, with industry-leading information, data management, insight and delivery solutions. The result? Smarter contact strategies and true connections with your members.

These resources are all available when you work with Experian. Our comprehensive credit union solutions give you everything you need to reach your objectives.

Increase your lending, decrease your risk
As your field of membership grows in size and diversity, your opportunities increase, and possibly, so does your risk.

Build member retention and loyalty
Provide a full-range of services, online transactions, speed, and convenience that build member loyalty and position your credit union as your members' primary financial institution.

Enhance your online solutions
Get user-friendly e-commerce solutions that can be easily integrated into your system.

Gain superior fraud protection
Protect your business by controlling fraud losses and improving operational efficiencies.