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New Tools Allow CUs to Analyze Data as They Like

Credit unions can use big data tools to make sure their products and services are competitive with those of other financial institutions.

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Build and Maintain a High-Quality Member Portfolio

Credit unions have experienced record-breaking membership and portfolio growth. This success has created a number of new opportunities that require redefined strategies for member retention and acquisition, along with new or improved ways to maximize business growth opportunities. Experian’s portfolio of products and services can provide greater insight into members’ behaviors to create growth and a greater return on investment. Today’s regulatory pressures and ever-changing economic and consumer landscape require flexibility combined with quick action to ensure results.

Grow Your Portfolio

Experian® can help create proactive strategies and gain greater insight into your members’ behaviors allowing you to:

  • Focus on responsive consumers
  • Maximize  portfolios
  • Improve cross-sell and up-sell efforts, using real-time prescreening
  • Provide up-to-date scoring  

We enable you to capitalize on your portfolios and grow.


Gain Insight and Reduce Fraud

Experian can help you keep pace with changing business priorities by integrating predictive data and analytics:

  • Predict identity theft and mitigate losses
  • Create a transparent, efficient process
  • Obtain a holistic assessment for and pinpoint risk to prevent losses
  • Develop a comprehensive series of checks

We offer intuitive and flexible tools to ensure that you can combat today’s issues.


Maximize Efficiency in Recovering Debt

Our powerful debt management and recovery products can help you develop focused collection strategies:

  • Efficiently locate members
  • Segment member accounts
  • Prioritize past-due member accounts

Obtain access to the most accurate and qualified data to optimize your recovery rates.


Manage Membership

Experian has multiple tools to help you maintain a fruitful relationship with your members:

  • Predict your members’ needs
  • Reduce the cost of communicating with your members
  • Enrich membership engagement

Gain better insight into your members and respond to each one’s needs with accurate data.


Auto Finance Tools for Credit Unions

Predictive data and current automotive insights credit unions can leverage.

Experian’s best-in-class automotive credit data, and vehicle history information, along with powerful sales and finance reporting enable credit unions to offer members with better lending and financing services. With a variety of credit and automotive products credit unions can offer members more target finance offers, interpret a member’s automotive needs, cross sell and upsell financial products.


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