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Fraud solutions and regulatory compliance assistance

With fraud threats growing in sophistication and scope, credit unions are tasked with the challenge of not only keeping up with consistently changing credit union regulations, but also safeguarding themselves and their members from fraud and identity theft.

Whether it’s credit, operational or regulatory risk, our best-in-class, frictionless solutions can help you minimize risk of loss through internal fraud and assist with credit union regulatory compliance, all while preserving member relationships.

Prevent Fraud

Precise IDSM
Manage fraud risk across the entire member life cycle

Connect, access and orchestrate decisions across multiple systems

Minimize Losses

PowerCurve® Collections
Move your debt collection practices into the digital age

Premier AttributesSM
Enhance your decisions and strategies with attributes

Manage Risk

Risk-Based Pricing
Make sure your business is compliant with the risk-based pricing rule

Fraud Strategy Consulting
Fight fraud while creating the best experience for your members

Differentiation is key

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