View new, alternative credit data sources to obtain a complete view of financial behavior for both thick- and thin-file consumers.

Our new FCRA compliant alternative credit data means financial institutions have access to unique insights on more than 62 million U.S. consumers who rely on alternative financial services, like small-dollar installment loans, point-of-sale financing, rent-to-own and auto-title loans. This data provides more insight into both full file and thin-file consumers, to drive greater visibility and transparency around inquiry and payment behaviors.

Approximately 25 percent of U.S. consumers are considered “thin file” because they have fewer than five items in their traditional credit histories. These people often face significant obstacles to obtaining credit. By adding the information from alternative credit data sources, they may gain more access to credit.


Clear Credit Attributes


Clear Credit Attributes™ provides a comprehensive view of a consumer’s use of alternative financial services, including credit inquiry history and past loan performance. Featuring more than 750 attributes (online), this comprehensive view of a consumer’s alternative finance activity can help optimize risk management, provide more competitive pricing, and create opportunities for universe expansion.

Clear Fraud Attributes


Clear Fraud Attibutes™ includes more than 200 identity and stability attributes designed for credit risk and fraud detection. These FCRA attributes can be used to better manage risk and protect consumers by preventing fraudulent use of their private information.

Clear Early Risk Score


Experian has an innovative new score to bring lenders an unprecedented lens into consumer financial behavior across the full U.S. lending spectrum. The score, which applies unique analytics leveraging both Experian’s national credit bureau and recently acquired Clarity Services specialty credit bureau, predicts a consumer’s creditworthiness over 12 months. This expanded insight for lenders can translate into improved access to credit for responsible borrowers.




Increased visibility on untapped market

More data points on consumers, which can improve overall creditworthiness of consumers


Fraud prevention

Powerful information from traditional and alternative credit data sources can help lenders identify applicants who are unlikely to pay due to fraudulent intentions.


Underwriting/evaluating risk

Specialty finance attributes can be used in underwriting for decisioning thin file, subprime, and near prime consumers. Merging specialty finance data with traditional credit data gives more accurate decisions on consumers who otherwise may have been declined for products.


Prospect marketing

Specialty finance data can be used to enrich batch prospecting decisioning criteria to identify better qualified prospects. Identify consumers who will be more responsive, while also managing incremental risk. Find universe expansion opportunities with a more complete view of consumers.

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The alternative financial services industry, a $140 billion market, continues to grow annually at a 7-10 percent rate. Learn about the types of information used in alternative credit data and how to capitalize on this data to improve your lending efforts.

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