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Why Product, Marketing & Communications is important to us

Whether it is creating content for our global digital sites or assisting development teams in bringing products to market, our Marketing & Communications team is a critical part of our success. In touching so many industries and consumers, we are literally shaping the global perception of the Experian brand every day.

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Meet our real Product, Marketing & Communications team

marty miller

Marty Miller, Product Marketing Manager Consultant, USA

At the time I joined Experian as an employee, I had already worked with many of the fine employees within the Experian Automotive vertical for over a year as a consultant on their automotive data products. Unlike most other people who hire directly into a company, I was able to ‘test the waters,’ so to speak, and understand what the Experian culture was like before becoming a full-time Experian employee. It’s a decision I haven’t regretted.

Most of my career has been a focus on client relations, product development and automotive related data, and Experian has allowed me to continue work with these focuses and more. The people I work with have a ‘will do’ attitude to get things completed, and I see that same drive reflected across the entire company culture. It’s that type of principles that will continue to make Experian a success.

graciela hernandez

Graciela Hernandez, Senior Project Manager, CPMO Costa RIca

What inspired to you work at Experian? I heard Experian was a great company to work and grow as a professional.

What makes Experian unique and different? A place that challenges your experience and knowledge to become successful. More than a work place, Experian is a community.

alan mathews

Alan Mathews, Internal Communications Manager, Malaysia

Experian is the third organisation I have had the fortune to be part of in the last 8 years of my career. In my previous stint, I was part of a diverse team of comms professionals previously which strengthened my story telling and analytical abilities, especially to ask the right questions and finding answers. While story telling is my passion, I had always wanted to take on a more strategic role, requiring me to get more intimately involved in the business side of things and work closely with senior leaders, to learn and understand how they think and make vital business decisions. When I learned about the vacancy at Experian for the role of Internal Communications Manager for the IT Services team in APAC, I felt that the role would be perfect for me (also considering my IT background. I graduated with a degree in Computer applications). I could understand the technical aspects of a project from the engineers, and translate it to layman terms for the wider audience in a more interactive manner. My role also gives me visibility of Operations which allows me the chance to interact with the wider APAC team, exposing me to the broader business. To top things off, I have a great boss who gives me the autonomy and creative freedom to innovate and try new ideas, which I consider a privilege. I’m currently slightly over 1 year into the role and it has been quite an exciting learning journey this far!

I would say the People. At Experian, I felt that people are truly valued and respected. Whether you interact with your own team or colleagues from different teams, there is a general sense of appreciation and sense of collaboration that comes into play to get things done. Everyone is so supportive of each other, and there is no hesitation to go beyond their means to help someone out. I personally experienced this within the first few weeks of my journey at Experian where I had many senor members of the team take time off their busy schedule to bring me up to speed. I feel that the HR team sincerely takes the welfare our people into consideration and this is evident through initiatives like Superheroes, My Choice, IWD panel talks and much more. Diversity and inclusion is an area where I feel Experian really walks the talk, especially with the people initiatives being rolled out. The Leadership team is very approachable and actively interested in people issues, and keeps the welfare of people as the top priority in every situation. This is evident in the way things were handled with the evolving COVID-19 situation in APAC. Hence I believe the people are what make Experian a special place to work at.