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We’re so much more than you might think. A hidden gem. A company where every day brings unexpected rewards. Innovation is the norm in everything we do. If there’s a better way to do things, we’ll find it. And we don’t mind exploring uncharted territory to get there.

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Our Why

At Experian, you’ll work alongside innovative minds to take on unexpected and interesting challenges. We value diversity, this includes 'diversity of thought'.

What motivates us is our “why”: using the power of data and technology to create a better tomorrow for people and organizations everywhere. Whether it’s in finance, healthcare, public service or elsewhere, we use our powerful data intellect and innovation to support people and help them thrive.

Be a part of our mission and join us in using data and technology for good

Using data and our people to help


#Map1Million connected 923,000 people to help during natural disasters

Being homebound during the pandemic did not put a damper on our commitment to using data for good. We launched a project for people to make a real, mission-centric contribution right from their living room. With the power of data, we identified individuals more vulnerable to crises like pandemics and natural disasters due to poverty or homelessness. The unexpected result was #Map1Million, which put 923,000 people "on the map" for help to find them.


We showed how big data could quickly step up during the COVID-19 pandemic

Experian showed how data can be used for good during difficult times. We moved quickly to make data insights available to governments, health services, communities, businesses, and charities, so they could better respond to the challenge. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the potential for data solutions.


Our digital platforms support people in underserved communities around the world

In the hands of Experian's people, data is a force for good. It helps, it serves, it educates. We’re also using data technology to help find the "Invisibles": shining a much-needed light on people in developing countries who are held back due to a lack of financial tools, awareness and opportunities. Experian Lift in the U.S. uses data prediction to help measure creditworthiness. And in Asia, our Experian Atlas platform is improving access to credit for one billion under-banked people.


Experian Boost gives credit where credit is due, changing lives in the process

At Experian, it’s about the impact you make through your data work, and the powerful opportunities you can offer consumers through financial inclusion. Experian Boost has helped millions of people harness their data for good: utilizing payment histories of utilities, insurance and even cable bills to help boost credit scores. Improved scores create a better path for things like homeownership and other big life milestones.

Our Commitments

Being part of the Experian family is exciting. Every day brings new challenges, new opportunities, new ways for us to do what we do best: using our innovative technologies and data to work in new and surprising ways. All brought together in a single thought: discover the unexpected.

People first

The people at Experian are what make us great. We bring our authentic selves to work, knowing our individuality is what makes us stronger together. We aim to win, but win together; one person’s success never comes at the expense of others.


We strive to find ways to use data for positive change in the world, one consumer at a time. Our unique combination of brilliant minds, complex data, and sophisticated technology drives our leading-edge innovation and enables us to do good on a global scale.

Together we win

We set big goals and rise to the challenge, always growing and improving. We collaborate to achieve greatness together and push each other to do our best – that’s how we make a difference.

Force for good

Our business is built on trust, and we’re passionate about being a positive force in our communities and around the world. Our innovative products and services help people take control of their lives – protecting them and empowering them to make the right decisions for a better future.

Diversity is core to our purpose

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Data is a force for good

We’re unlocking the power of data to create a better tomorrow for societies, consumers, clients, colleagues and communities around the world. In short, we’re using data for good.

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United for Financial Health

We launched United for Financial Health to empower vulnerable consumers across the globe. 

Our Sustainable Business Report faciliates financial health for all

Sustainable Business Report 2021

We’re creating a better tomorrow for consumers, our clients, our people and our communities. That’s our purpose. 

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