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Why Administration is Important to Us

Every successful company knows that those working in Administration are the backbone of the organization. Let’s face it, it is this team that keeps our business and departments running smoothly. If you have strong organizational and problem solving skills, and multitasking is your second nature, then you might have what it takes to be a member of our Experian Administration team.


Meet Real Team Members

janet kitunzi

Janet Kitunzi, PA to Managing Director, Uganda

What inspired to you work at Experian?

The acquisition of Compuscan by Experian I could say has brought a new touch to working with a multinational organization. I have worked with Compuscan CRB Ltd for the past 6years and my experience with Experian is that, it encourages a spirit of inclusivity for its employees where people of diverse experiences, values; this promoting a culture of diverse and well-rounded expertise across the company.

What makes Experian unique and different?
Experian has what we call “The Experian Way” a unique and special way of doing things, it celebrates one another’s success with a unique and consistent way of working globally and shaping the way we act and behave towards one another. This offers an open platform for innovation for its staff encouraging fresh ideas and talent from all levels of command.

celeste katts

Celeste Katts, Executive Assistant to Directors, Cape Town South Africa

I was appointed as Compuscan’s Receptionist by Remo Lenisa on 1 March 2004. We were approximately 50 staff members.

In February 2005, Frank Lenisa approached me and asked to join the sales team in the Call Centre. As we had to first appoint a new Receptionist; I started learning more about our products from the reception desk. In April, I moved to the Call Centre and started as a Sales Coordinator. I assist my account managers with client appointments and sales. In 2006, 2007 & 2008 I received the annual top sales award. I moved from Sales Coordinator to team leader to Sales Manager in 2009. I enjoyed my time in the Call Centre as there was so much to do and lots of exciting times. I remember the days clearly when we used to ring the bell when sales were made. Remo and Frank would run down the stairs to congratulate staff.
April 2010, I started as the Personal Assistant to the Directors (Remo Lenisa, Frank Lenisa & Jaco Alberts)
Although I only joined as their PA in 2010, I worked with Remo since the day I started. Back in the days, everyone jumped in and assisted and if and when they could – irrespective of job description/role.
Something that assisted me a lot in my new role was that I used to deal with most of our clients, especially the key accounts. This made the visits to key clients for Remo so much easier as they already knew me.
With the merge in April 2019, it felt like so many changes. But as time passed; I became accustomed to many new ways of working and doing things. Our new ALT assisted us in everything that we needed and was, and always is, there for me.