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Product Details at a Glance

Get the tool that will help you improve you cash flow.

Manage Your Cash Flow and Grow Your Business

Business Customers and Suppliers Paying and Delivering on Time?

Are you challenged with business customers who don’t pay on time, or suppliers who don’t deliver on time? Do you struggle to find the right resource that makes it easy to research and evaluate the financial health of your prospects, suppliers, customers and partners?

Cash Management is Critical for Your Business Success

If you are not getting paid, receiving shipments because of customer and suppliers with poor financial health, you cannot meet your obligations.  Your business can be at risk.  BusinessIQ Express will help you with these challenges of running a small business.

When you know more about your prospects, customers, and suppliers, you can see the potential risks—and opportunities. With the information, you can make more profitable decisions and build stronger, more beneficial relationships that are easy to manage.

BusinessIQ Express Can Help

BusinessIQ Express is an online tool that enables you to quickly and easily:

  • Evaluate prospects, customers, suppliers, & partners on their likelihood to pay or deliver on time
  • Monitor small businesses you do business with, through alerts and notifications which help you stay on top of possible financial challenges
  • Create the communications needed to collect outstanding debts and avoid future losses
  • View and contribute community business ratings and comments

All these features utilize the most comprehensive and trusted financial information from Experian on U.S. small businesses.  It will help you get paid faster and more reliably, and keep your cash flowing, so you can meet your obligations – to suppliers, to customers, to even your employees – and sleep easier at night.

Keep the Cash Flowing
Evaluate business suppliers, customers and partners.
Monitor the companies you work with.
Collect debt and avoid write-offs.