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Experian® offers a variety of services that support every aspect of your marketing efforts. From our consumer and business mailing lists to our affordable, time-saving print, mail, and email services that allow you to target, understand and communicate with your customers, Experian makes it easy to create successful marketing campaigns.

Consumer and Business Lists

Identify consumers and businesses most likely to buy your products and services:

  • Consumer lists — more than 210 million consumers and more than 110 million households
  • Business lists —more than 14 million businesses
New Beginnings, New Opportunities

When consumers undergo life changes, they’re in need of new products and services.  Be the first to reach them with targeted offers using our lists:

  • New Homeowners — Access to second mortgages, investment property, private-party lenders and seller carry-backs
  • New Movers — Updated weekly, this list contains a fresh source of consumers who have recently been reported to have changed residence
  • High Income New Movers — Comprises new movers with estimated annual household incomes of more than $100,000
Property Prospects

These lists are Ideal for marketing mortgage-related products and services:

  • Homeowners— Great prospects for mortgage refinancing offers, home-equity loans and other home-related financing offers
  • Mortgage — Provides you with the most commonly requested home/mortgage data selections
  • Note Holders — Individuals who have made a loan against secured property — also known as private-party lenders or private mortgage holder

Consumers in rental properties have different needs.  If they’re your target market, these are your lists:

  • Renters — Derived from self-reported data, this list contains only consumers in rental properties
  • Real Estate — Information on renters with estimated annual household incomes of more than $50,000
  • High Income Real Estate — Renters with estimated annual incomes of more than $100,000
Special Interest

Selling to a specific niche market? These lifestyle-targeted lists can help you find your customers:

  • Investors — Persons in the household who engage in finance, estate planning, money management, bonds, IRAs, stocks or money-management matters
  • Health Enthusiasts — Consumers who are interested in physical fitness, healthy living, health or natural foods, vitamins, diet and nutrition or self-improvement
  • Sports Enthusiasts — Individuals who have expressed an interest in media related to sporting activities, or in collecting sports memorabilia
  • Green Consumers — Identify consumers based on their level of ecological awareness and affinity
  • Mosaic® USA — Lifestyle consumer mailing lists based on Experian’s Mosaic USA neighborhood classification system
High Income

High-income households spend more than the average population in practically all types of expenditures.  These lists are Ideal for businesses selling luxury or discretionary items.

  • High Income — Households with estimated annual incomes of more than $100,000.
  • High Income New Movers — Comprises new movers with estimated annual household incomes of more than $100,000
  • High Income Real Estate — Comprised of renters with estimated annual incomes of more than $100,000