Identify creditworthy customers

Focusing on a customer's ability to pay can help mitigate risk

Evaluate Credit Risk

Evaluating risk is as important to your business as finding customers. Gain insight into your next customer's finances. Experian® offers immediate, online access to consumer and business credit reports with fraud indicators.

Credit Profile Report

Gain access to more than 220 million credit-active consumers and make the most informed decisions.

Experian ConnectSM

As a small business professional, you can view the personal credit report and score of clients or new customers who have granted you access. 

Fraud ShieldSM

Fraud ShieldSM is Experian's most advanced fraud detection technology. It protects you from even the most sophisticated application fraud by launching a comprehensive series of checks, searches and counters to screen every application.

Fraud ShieldSM Score Plus

Fraud ShieldSM Score Plus is a unique tool that combines the most predictive fraud and high-risk indicators into one score. At a glance, you can tell which applications are most likely to be fraudulent or in need of further review.

Knowledge IQSM

Stay one step ahead of criminals by integrating authentication and fraud detection. Combining the leading-edge analytics and decisioning technology of Precise IDSM scores with the sophisticated Knowledge IQSM challenge-response questions, you have a revolutionary risk-based tool for identity authentication and fraud prevention.

Precise IDSM

Precise IDSM scores applicants and provides advanced decisioning to determine terms and lines of credit to extend to new customers.

Social Search

By referencing Social Security numbers to verify identity, Social Search helps locate individuals who've skipped and may have changed their name and address.

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