Get Tips to Help You Start a Small Business

Be certain that you’ve covered your bases before starting. The Small Business Advice section provides resources and facts on how to start a small business.

Financing a Small Business Startup

Funding a business start-up in difficult economic times means you need to be resourceful. Lenders need to know what chances they're taking by loaning you money. Turn your dream into reality by getting approved for that loan or finding a financial backer. Experian's small business resources will show you how to finance a small business.

Protect Your Small Business

Safeguard your inventions or ideas, manage risks, and take security measures. We'll show you how a small business can be susceptible to certain risks. We'll explain how protective actions can lower the short-term and long-term hazards of starting a small business. Be on the lookout for intellectual property theft, credit fraud and more. Learn more about protecting your business start-up.

Market Your Small Business

Marketing strategy is a critical component of launching and growing your business. Marketing your business requires a deep understanding of your target customers and how to reach them. To this end, we interviewed a collection of small business experts who offer and discuss a wealth of small business marketing advice.

Plan Ahead

Try Business Score Planner™ to see what impacts your business credit score.