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How to correct or dispute information on your business credit report

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Correcting Business Credit Report Information

Experian wants your business credit report to be as accurate as possible. If you believe information on your company's report is incorrect, the dispute resolution process is very simple.

First, you need to obtain and review a copy of your company's business credit report.

If you have a current copy of your company's business credit report and believe some of the data to be inaccurate, please:

  • Circle the item on the report
  • Add a brief explanation of why you consider the information to be incorrect
  • Supply us with the correct information when possible
  • Include supporting documentation when available

We recommend that you look closely at the "key score factors" section of the report. Corrections to data mentioned in this section may result in adjustments to your credit score.

Attach the report to a cover page with your full business name, current and previous addresses, email, and a short note asking us to investigate the items you've marked. Email it to or mail it to:

Experian Commercial Relations
P.O. Box 5001
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Requests are processed in the order received. Experian works with the source providers that have contributed data to the report and allows them sufficient time to conclude their investigations. Generally an investigation is completed within 30 days, however, complex cases may take longer. When the investigation is complete, any necessary modifications will be made to your company's report and you will be notified by mail. If changes are made, you will be provided a second complimentary commercial credit report for confirmation.

Note that if you would like to update business information only (items such as business name, address, industry code, employees, sales and executives), an authenticated officer of your business can make these changes directly, at no cost. View our portal at

If you were denied business credit, please click here for instructions.

Update Your Credit Report

Certain information can be corrected or added to your business credit report online.

(It is advisable to have a copy of your Experian business credit report before you begin this process.)

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